Filter Replacement Services

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Services

Commercial HVAC equipment requires much more upkeep than most business owners tend to realize — and paying for a new system isn’t cheap. That’s why doing regular maintenance on your HVAC system is so essential; paying somebody to routinely check your system is much more cost-effective than paying for a new system.

For example, take your car’s engine and routine 5,000-mile oil service. Your mechanic doesn’t suggest you change your oil every 15,000 miles because that wouldn’t make sense — daily wear and tear will wreak havoc on an engine if no proper maintenance is done. That’s why Filter XChange suggests treating your HVAC system the same way — you can’t let something mechanical go too long without regular maintenance without expecting some sort of failure.

That’s why our routine filter service is more than just a filter replacement job. Filter XChange knows there’s more than meets the eye in HVAC systems and that’s why we’ve created a complete HVAC maintenance check that our technicians follow at every call

Routine Filter Service

  • Replace all HVAC air filters to provide quality air to your building year-round.
  • Monitor your system’s evaporator and condenser coils to prevent freezing and ice blockages.
  • Monitor your system’s belts to check for signs of cracking, stretching and wear.
  • Inspect the blower housing for damage or distress to your blower motor or blower fan.
  • Clean electrical controls and check connections to prevent any potential electrical issues.
  • Check for loose panels to prevent unnecessary accumulation of debris and damage to components.
  • Observe and make note of any strange smells or noises.
  • Remedy any frozen coils.
  • Lubricate components that are vital to the efficient function of an HVAC system.
  • Check for leaks, air or liquid.

Gasket Replacement Services

Just like your refrigerator at home, the doors to your refrigerators system have gaskets. A door gasket is the lining that goes around your refrigeration equipment doors to keep air flow accurate. With cold equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, and walk-ins, the gasket is rubber and lines the entire door to keep cold air in and outside air out. Their basic function is to create a tight seal when the equipment door is closed.

If those gaskets have any kind of tears or damage to them, it is a health code violation. Properly maintaining your refrigeration equipment is key to making sure you don’t have unwanted, yet preventable equipment and parts failures. Signs it may be time to replace your gaskets are:

  • When frost starts to build up on the shelves and food in the freezer or walk-in.
  • The latch of the walk-in won’t latch because the gasket is worn
  • You can feel cold air coming out of the refrigeration unit.
  • Temperatures are fluctuating in the equipment.
  • Cracks are starting to appear in the lining.
  • The gasket is starting to separate from the equipment.
  • The gasket material is starting to harden.
  • The gasket is always compressed.

Our gasket replacement experts are here to make the process simple for you. We will check for damaged gaskets, assess damaged gaskets and replace them, and keep your refrigeration system performing at its best! Contact us today about our gasket replacement services!

Cooler Coil Cleaning

Restaurants, bakeries, marijuana facilities and more depend on commercial refrigeration equipment to keep their businesses functioning day in and day out. Throwing money into inefficient cooling units can prove disastrous for the wallets of small business owners. Practicing regular condenser coil cleaning can provide many benefits, such as:

  • Saving on energy costs. Dirty cooler coils are proven to raise energy costs due to damage to equipment.
  • Keeping your equipment healthy. Clean coils help to ensure you have properly functioning equipment and no surprise failures.
  • Maintaining safe operating temperatures for your precious goods. You don’t want to fall victim to system failure leading to product loss.
  • Keeping your people and business safe. Properly functioning equipment is safe equipment. Have peace of mind by doing proper preventative maintenance.

Most professionals recommend cleaning cooler coils at a minimum of every three months — and that takes in no consideration for certain environmental factors. Cleanings must be thorough as well, so as to make sure deeply embedded dirt, grease, and grime is completely scraped off.

Our cooler coil cleaning service includes a deep cleaning of your coils and a cleaning of any louvers.

It’s important to practice proper routine maintenance of your cooler and other components to prevent your coil from freezing due to dirt or grime or unbalanced refrigerant pressure due to leaks or other issues. Contact us today about our coil cleaning services.

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We know the needs of each HVAC system is different. That’s why we evaluate the nature and necessity of filter change frequency in each building we examine. Once you approve — we set it, you forget it, it’s as easy as that!

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We arrive at every job ready to tackle your filter swapping necessities. Our technicians go above and beyond your standard filter change offered by typical HVAC companies.

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We send an asset report after every service call detailing what occurred and anything we feel you should be aware of. We’re totally transparent with every customer.

Filter XChange has always been a preventative maintenance company first — which means our focus is to adapt our work to meet your business’s needs, creating a personalized service

This is our signature SWAP: Service with a Purpose. In turn, this prevents unnecessary time and money spent on costly repairs and replacement of equipment. Take the guessing out of knowing when your HVAC or cooler systems are going to fail and prevent it from happening in the first place.

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