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Our gasket replacement experts are here to make the process simple for you. We will inspect all of the refrigeration gaskets, and report back to you with pictures and the current condition of the gaskets. To keep your refrigeration system performing at its best!

If the gaskets are torn or damaged, it is a health code violation and overworks the refrigeration compressor. Properly maintaining your refrigeration equipment is key to making sure you don’t have unwanted, yet preventable equipment failures. Signs it may be time to replace your gaskets are:

  • When frost starts to build up on the shelves and food in the freezer or walk-in.
  • The latch of the walk-in won’t latch because the gasket is worn
  • You can feel cold air coming out of the refrigeration unit.
  • Temperatures are fluctuating in the equipment.
  • Cracks are starting to appear in the lining.
  • The gasket is starting to separate from the equipment.
  • The gasket material is starting to harden.
  • The gasket is always compressed.

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